My home is entirely lit by LED lighting

As of a few weeks ago I finished switching out CFL bulbs for LED bulbs and I’m happy with the result. I prefer the quality of light to both CFL’s and incandescents and it’s nice to be able to throw away lightbulbs if they break and not have to worry about mercury exposure or contamination. The price of LED bulbs has gotten to be reasonable and they are also dimmable. For my home I have used Cree bulbs exclusively, a combination of 9.5 Watt 800 Lumen Soft White (60 Watt Replacemetn) and 6 Watt 450 Lumen Soft White (40 Watt Replacement). So while not an explicit endorsement I’ve been happy with the bulbs from Cree and I would suggest that people consider LED replacement bulbs for their homes.

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