“The Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes”

Dr. Jason Fung sums up 2 of the big myths about type 2 diabetes and presents an hour long lecture going into more detail (which I recommend watching for those interested in this subject): At the Intensive Dietary Management Clinic we treat many people with type 2 diabetes.  Patients often come to our clinic with two …

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Embarrassingly Bad Research: Canola Oil and Type 2 Diabetes

I’ve endeavored to keep my writings positive, adhering to the “if you can’t say something nice, say nothing” philosophy. I’ve made no secret that, despite the best intentions of some very intelligent and hard working researchers, the quality of health related research in the US generally ranges from poor to terrible. However, sometimes a research article …

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Research Collected: October 2013

Dietary carbohydrate dictates development of Type 2 diabetes in the Nile rat. (2013 Sep) Suggests that the Nile rat has a similar etiology of Type 2 diabetes mellitus to humans: high carbohydrate diets. “Dispersing dietary [carbohydrate] by fiber or replacing it by moderate fat (reducing the glycemic index and load) delayed the onset of diabetes but did …

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Berberine as an alternative to Metformin

Metformin (Glucophage) is currently a popular drug prescription for treating Type 2 Diabetes and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. However 3 clinical trials from Chinese researchers suggest that Berberine, a substance found in several plants and historically used medicinally, is as good or better than Metformin. Summaries of the 3 studies and their references are listed below.

Research suggests benefits of whey protein for handling obesity and type 2 diabetes

I came across this free full text article which concludes: Whey protein… enhances the release of several hormones… that lead to reduced food intake and increased satiety… The ability to amplify insulin secretion by whey protein may be safer than the commonly used therapeutic agents. The induced satiety, increased thermogenesis and comparable magnitude of blood …

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60 Minutes: Is Sugar Toxic?

This is a 14 minute report from April 2012 that interviews Dr. Robert Lustig and other professionals about the connection between sugar and diseases including type 2 diabetes (sugar diabetes), heart disease, and cancer. It also briefly addresses the addictive nature of sugar. This piece is obviously an oversimplification of the processes involved but worth …

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