Healthy Lifestyle Shopping

I decided rather than a lot of small posts about individual items I would write a list of some of the things I’ve been shopping for with some recommendations. I am still working on a larger buying guide to help people find healthier products. This list is not just new things, but also some things which I continue to find work well. I have no financial connection to any of these products of companies.

  • Countertop Water Filter: Multipure Aquadome
    • I’ve been using this in my home for years and continue to be pleased. I have not yet been convinced that anything else in this price range ($260 for the unit with filter, $75 for replacement filters once a year or so) is as good.
  • Shower Filter: Aquasana AQ-4105
    • I need the extra height provided by the one with the handheld wand but this is now only $60. Like the filter above I’ve been using this for years though I’ve actually tried a few other options but have not found anything I’ve liked as much.
  • Pillows: Organic kapok stuffed
    • A while back I did a lot of searching for reasonably priced healthy pillows. The downside of kapok is that it can compact easily. I have decided to remedy this by buying extra organic kapok fill, but that should be considered in the pricing. I believe this is still cheaper than organic wool but that would be another option.
  • Socks: Organic merino wool socks from Maggie’s Organics
    • This was a recent find. I decided it was important to take better care of my feet and thus worth $15 per pair of socks (Organic Wool Dress Crew). I started with 6 pairs, and after a 1 week trial I was so satisfied I bought another 9 pairs (in less expensive 3 packs). These are currently my everyday socks of choice.
  • Phone Headset – AIRCOM A1 Stereo Headset
    • I’ve tried a number of headsets and these are the best comfort and sound quality I have found so far. Although there are more expensive models, the basic model (which is what I have) is about $30 and a huge step up from the headsets that have come included with my phones and others I have tried.


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