Inside Out

Inside Out is the first movie I’ve recommended to my clients. It is definitely worth seeing, perhaps more than once. There are a lot of laughs, which are always health promoting, as well as some touching and important observations about the emotional lives of humans.

“The Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes”

Dr. Jason Fung sums up 2¬†of the big myths about type 2 diabetes and presents an hour long lecture going into more detail (which I recommend watching for those interested in this subject): At the Intensive Dietary Management Clinic we treat many people with type 2 diabetes. ¬†Patients often come to our clinic with two …

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David Getoff shares some thoughts on cancer

Cancer Diagnosis-Do Your Homework – YouTube “The amount of difference that you could see in the human body between starting a cancer treatment the day after you’re diagnosed and starting that same treatment 2 weeks or a month after… will have no difference in the outcome.” “I think the first thing somebody should do [after …

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60 Minutes: Is Sugar Toxic?

This is a 14 minute report from April 2012 that interviews Dr. Robert Lustig and other professionals about the connection between sugar and diseases including type 2 diabetes (sugar diabetes), heart disease, and cancer. It also briefly addresses the addictive nature of sugar. This piece is obviously an oversimplification of the processes involved but worth …

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Minding Your Mitochondria: Dr. Terry Wahls

Dr. Terry Wahls talks about her dietary changes that successfully treated her symptoms of MS. Her protocol: 3 cups of green leaves per day – Vitamins B, A, C, K, and minerals 3 cups of sulfur rich vegetables per day 3 cups of bright color per day (preferably 3 different colors) – flavonoids and polyphenols …

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More Quality Nutrition Lectures

I’ve decided that I will try to only embed short video clips and just link to longer lectures. It really is a remarkable time to be alive because of the information we have access to, literally, at our fingertips and for free. With so much quality education material available the bigger tasks are sifting the …

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