David Getoff shares some thoughts on cancer

  • Cancer Diagnosis-Do Your Homework – YouTube
    • “The amount of difference that you could see in the human body between starting a cancer treatment the day after you’re diagnosed and starting that same treatment 2 weeks or a month after… will have no difference in the outcome.”
    • “I think the first thing somebody should do [after a diagnosis of cancer] is go home, relax… purchase 4 or 5 videos, where at least some of them have to be from holistic people, on cancer and cancer therapies and watch them all, preferably with a loved one, and take notes.”
  • Safe, Natural Tips for Cancer Patients! – YouTube
    • “We have to get rid of all the foods that we know are causing a problem… We want to reduce as much as somebody can those things that are going to feed cancer.”
    • “You want to bring in all the foods as concentrated as possible… We want lots of good nutrients.”
    • “Where else are poisons coming into your body? … We need less poisons coming into the body.”
    • “We have to get your detox channels working… I always concentrate on supporting liver function and supporting kidney function…”
    • “So first we get those 2 organs working really, really well… now we have to start removing poisons from our mesanchyme, from our intercellular spaces, from the cells in the body.”
  • Maintaining Nutrition During Cancer – YouTube
    • “We want the foods to be as nutrient-dense as possible… We have to make the best possible taste to the most nutrient-dense possible foods and very often that may end up being a smoothie.”
  • We Are Causing Most of Our Cancers! – YouTube
    • “Lots of people that die with one [cancer or cardiovascular disease] have the other…”
  • CANCER: Doctor’s lack of knowledge can shorten your life – YouTube
    • “We are exposed to far more chemical toxins than our bodies were ever designed to be able to handle and detoxify… We consume low-quality inferior nutrients from packaged foods, canned foods, preserved foods, irradiated foods, and even microwaved foods… Our immune system gets further depressed by… our consumption of far, far more sugar and sugar converting foods… than we were designed to healthfully process.”

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