Some Recommended Products

I have tried numerous items in my search for healthier and higher quality products for cleaning and personal care. My first success story, about 25 years ago, was switching to JĀSÖN toothpaste in an attempt to eliminate my sodium lauryl sulfate exposure. I had done this because I had read that SLS was linked to canker sores, of which I was a frequent sufferer at the time. After the switch I never had a canker sore again. More recently I have attempted to find products which were high quality as measured by their health benefits as well as their effectiveness to their task. I found that there are many products being marketed as healthy alternatives whose effectiveness is lacking thus leading to more effort and wasted time. So I’ve been compiling a list for my clients of products which I have found to work well for myself and others. I’ve highlighted some specific product areas of these companies but I suspect there are probably other good products from each of them. I do not have any ties with any of these businesses.

A final note is that I do not currently have any recommendations for cosmetics but I am hoping that with the help of some of my clients I will able to be able to come up with some recommendations in the future.

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