Some companies to avoid

I swear I posted this graphic previously but now I cannot seem to find it. This was made for California’s Prop 37 to require the labelling of genetically modified foods. The Cornucopia Institute put together a poster listing all of the companies for an against Prop 37. The companies against are nearly all companies who began as organic or health oriented and were purchased by large corporate conglomerates. These products should be avoided as their manufacturers do not support the right of people to know what is in their food.

Below I’ve summarized the companies as a list.

  • Monsanto
  • Pepsico
    • Naked
    • Izze
  • Kraft
    • Back to Nature
  • Coca Cola
    • Odwalla
    • Honest Tea
    • Simply Orange
  • General Mills
    • Cascadian Farm Organic
    • Muir Glen
    • LaraBar
  • Conagra
    • Lightlife
    • Alexia
  • Kellogg
    • Kashi
    • Morning Star Farms
    • Gardenburger
    • Bear Naked
  • Smucker
    • R. W. Knudsen
    • Santa Cruz Organic
  • H.J. Heinz
    • Heinz
  • Unilever
    • Ben & Jerry’s
  • Abbott Nutrition
    • Similac
  • Dean Foods
    • Silk
    • Horizon Organic
  • Rich Products
    • French Meadow Bakery & Cafe

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