“There Is No ‘Healthy’ Microbiome”

I think this is an decent piece that presents several important points in an easy to understand manner.

“Healthy” microbes can easily turn rogue. Those in our guts are undoubtedly helpful, but if they cross the lining of the intestine and enter our bloodstream, they can trigger a debilitating immune response. The same microbes can be beneficial allies or dangerous threats, all for the difference of a few millimeters.”

There Is No ‘Healthy’ Microbiome

Some further considerations:

  • Characterizing particular microbes as “good” or “bad” is not particularly useful; microbes may be seen as harmful when their type, location, and amount is suboptimal.
  • I believe probiotics can be useful but the more important aspect to care for is the state of the internal terrain. Addressing issues in the gastro-intestinal tract that give rise to a suboptimal microbiome is usually paramount.
  • I disagree that there is no “healthy” microbiome to strive for, but it is inseparable from other aspects of health and lifestyle.
  • The species within each person’s microbiome is and has always been evolving. A person can apply pressure to shape that evolution.
  • Bio-individuality includes the microbiome. Each of us will have a unique microbiome which will likely confer some benefits and some limitations.
  • Like most aspects of human health the microbiome is dynamic, not static, constantly changing, evolving, and responding

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