Suggestions for Nutritional Therapy Practioners

I’ve talked with many NTP’s about what I’ve learned so far from my clinical practice. All healthcare practitioners should continue to learn and adapt to the conditions they see in their clients and adopt better strategies for improving health. This article should not be taken as any sort of absolute truth but some directions that NTP’s might consider in an attempt to better serve their clients. Keep whatever works.

Moving Beyond Biotics

Biotics Research makes some amazing products, several of which I would not practice nutritional therapy without. However, I think adding additional product lines can be very beneficial. I believe the best line for an NTP to consider adding is Apex Energetics (I have no connection with them other than having an account myself). The following products are a nice complement for NTP’s using only Biotics Research products:

  • Male-Zyme Plus – a great multi-vitamin/multi-mineral for men
  • Zinc-Zyme – one of the best zinc supplements I’ve found to date
  • B12-Max – one of the best b12 supplements I’ve found to date
  • the TerrainMax line – great for NTP’s utilizing Lingual Neural Testing and good for clients that prefer liquids to capsules or tablets

More Glandular Therapy

I’ve really become a fan of glandulars for addressing the underlying causes of dysfunction in the human body. Here are some glandular supplements from Biotics Research which you should consider using:

  • Cytozyme-Parotid-TS – One of the best chemical/metal detox products available, can be tested against many reflexes in the Functional Evaluation including digestion, detox, and liver. I believe everyone in the US will benefit from taking parotid glandulars at least once in the course of their nutritional therapy. The parotid glands are damaged from cell phone use and chemical exposures. Parotid glandulars can help repair this damage leading to improved detoxification capacity.
  • Cytozyme-THY – One of the best products for chronic and acute immune issues. A good first product to test on the thymus point or elsewhere if an immune condition (SIBO, systemic bacterial, viral, or parasitic infection, etc) is suspected.
  • Cytozyme-SP – Another good product for chronic and acute immune issues but also a good product for improving and supporting chemical detoxification. And a good one to test on the Chapman Pancreas/Spleen reflex or elsewhere if immune issues or chemical toxicity is suspected.
  • Bio-FCTS – The T is for Thymus and the S is for Spleen so you get some of each of those plus bioflavonoids and vitamin c. Another excellent immune product.
  • Cytozyme-B, Cytozyme PT/HPT – These can be considered for digestion reflexes, not first, but if nothing else has led to substantial improvement and “emotional eating” is a likely factor.
  • Cytozyme-LV – I would test this first for the liver, before Livotrit, MCS, MCS-2, Beta-TCP, Beta Plus, etc.
  • Cytozyme-PAN – I would test this first for the Chapman Pancreas/Spleen reflex, perhaps in combination with Cr-Zyme, before Bio-Glycozyme Forte, GlucoBalance, etc.
  • Cytozyme-KD – I would test this second on the kidneys, after Carbamide Plus.
  • GTA, GTA Forte, GTA Forte II – These would be my second choice on the thyroid after Equi-Fem (for women)
  • Equi-Fem – An excellent multi-vitamin/multi-mineral for women which I would recommend testing first on adrenal reflexes (before ADB5-Plus and Cytozyme-AD) and thyroid reflexes (before GTA’s).

Biotics Supplement Tips

  • Cytozyme-Parotid-TS, Chlorella Caps, Porphyra-Zyme – These are my biotics Research detox supplements of choice for helping rid the body of toxic chemicals and metals. I would recommend testing these on the small and large intestines when metal/chemical toxicity seems likely.
  • Lipoic Acid – I have found this to test well on the small intestine reflexes, particularly once other digestive issues have been resolved.
  • FC-Cidal – A good anti-parasitic formula and what I would recommend first on the Ileocecal Valve.
  • Bromelain Plus CLA – Not only helpful for digestion but an anti-parasitic remedy that I would recommend second on the Illeocecal Valve.
  • Garlic Plus – Who doesn’t love garlic? Can be beneficial to use in combination with Cytozyme-THY or Cytozyme-SP for immune conditions.
  • UltaVir-X – A good product for viral infections, but I would only test after the glandular immune products.
  • Carbamide Plus – This is a newish product that I would recommend testing first on the kidney reflexes.

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