Omega 3 Algae Oils

I have not tried any of these so this listing is not an endorsement. I do want to test some of these with clients. There are 3 main concerns with marine animal oils that algae oils avoid:

  1. Contamination – fish oils are often high in contaminants such as mercury.
  2. Overfishing – the numbers on overfishing are depressing and the rise in fish oil sales only contributes to that problem.
  3. Vegetarian/Vegan – people who choose a vegetarian or vegan diet are often deficient on omega-3’s but will not consume fish oil.

So here are some products I’ve been made aware of that I have not tried but would be interested in investigating further:

I do have some concerns about algae oil. They are high in DHA but not EPA. Even with fish oils some people respond better to high EPA than high DHA or balanced. And with any relatively new product it will take time to become aware of any long term effects, positive or negative.

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