Some response to the recent “eggs are bad for you” research

I’m a big believer in the health benefits of eating eggs. On most days I eat 2 eggs from pasture raised chickens, raw, in a blended drink. And I will absolutely concede that eggs from factory farm chickens are much less healthy, and the industry that produces them is morally bankrupt. So, like with all foods the quality and quantity does matter with regard to health. While I am biased I try to keep an open mind but I found the article “Eggyolk consumption and carotid plaque” utterly unconvincing. Here is Dr. Mercola explaining some of the problems followed by more details.

The article Is it True That Eating Eggs is as Bad as Smoking? is posted on Dr. Mercola’s website and contains a larger critique and more details. Another critique can be found in the article Does Eating Egg Yolks Increase Arterial Plaque? posted on the Weston A. Price Foundation website. This article critiques the research solely on methodological grounds, and is fairly convincing. Dr. Mercola’s critique also includes methodology but adds conflict of interest, egg quality, and conflicts with other research. Both articles are worth a read and the video is a nice way to share details with people who don’t like read.

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