DIY Vanilla

While researching cornstarch-free baking powder I came across this page on Corn Free Baking and Cooking which suggested making your own vanilla. I’ve since learned that there are 2 sources of corn contamination, corn syrup added to the product and corn derived alcohol. After reading up on how easy it is to make your own vanilla I decided I wanted to try it, using potato vodka of course (Monopolowa or perhaps something fancier). The recipes online do differ but the gist is that you put some vanilla beans in vodka and let them sit for a while with some occasional perturbation.

Here are a few recipes I found:

The first one seems a little light on beans but the others form a consensus. I think I will go with the bottle + 12 (or 13) beans and then age it at least 2-3 months. I better get started soon.

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