The best health advice you will ever get

Why not start this blog with something bold, like offering the best health advice you will ever get. Ready? Here it is:

  • drink more water
  • eat more vegetables

There’s a lot you can do to improve your health but I think in the United States the most problematic aspect of people’s health is that they do not drink enough water and they do not eat enough vegetables.

It’s good to remember that not all water is equal.  I have a filter on my home sink and I’ve become accustomed to filtered water as well as increasingly sensitive to water which has too much chlorine or other chemicals or impurities in it.  All vegetables are not equal either.  It’s best to buy organic, local, and in-season which are usually most easily obtained at a farmers’ market.  But these are directions you can move into gradually.  I believe almost everyone in the US could benefit from more water and more vegetables in their diets.  Also, in the US fruits and vegetables have been conflated so when someone sees “eat more vegetables” they think “eat more fruits” but I want to be clear that I am advocating more vegetables, not more fruits, the latter many people get too much of, especially in the form of juice.

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