Fruit Spread Recommendation

I spent 2 years not eating fruit in an effort to kill off any microorganisms which fed on surplus sugar in my body.  I have always looked to avoid sugar so before this I had wanted to find a fruit spread without sugar.  Not that I am eating fruit again I have returned to the same fruit spread, which I purchase infrequently and use sparingly but which I would recommend.  These are the Fruit Spreads from bionaturae, an Italian company, which are available in many stores in Portland, OR where I reside.  From their literature:

bionaturæ® organic Fruit Spreads are produced using hand-harvested heirloom varieties of fruit from select regions of Italy. The term “heirloom” describes a variety of fruit, flower or vegetable that has been grown in a certain region for centuries without any hybridization…

bionaturæ® organic Fruit Spreads do not contain added sugar and have the lowest sugar content among leading brands. They are processed at low temperatures and cooked slowly preserve fruit’s rich flavor and bright color.

The primary ingredient in bionaturae fruit spread is fruit, followed by apple juice concentrate which they note “has fewer simple sugars” and “a lower caloric content” than white grape juice concentrate.  When I first found bionaturae I liked the ingredients it had (fruit as the primary ingredient, apple juice concentrate) as much as the ingredients it didn’t have (refined sugar, white grape juice concentrate).  It also turned out that they were delicious.

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